Ratings Explanation

i have this for reasons

Usually I rate anime series on a 1-10 point scale. I feel that this scale leaves more room and can really show interest and objective merit to a show. Anything that is rated a 7 or above is something that I enjoyed to a certain degree, while anything below that is usually rated those points for objective merits and that alone. How I judge a work and rate it is based on these objective measures first, then subjective measures second.

First I look at the animation of the work, is it fluid, overall is it consistent, and does the style suit the work and its tone? This is the biggest part of my ratings, usually animation counts for about 3-4 points alone. (5 points if it’s positively stunning!) The reason for this is because anime is a medium that is centered around its visual appeal, if an anime does not have good animation, nor does it have a good aesthetic then it looses a lot of points. Second is the story and how it was handled and developed through out the work. How the story is written and if the writing is coherent is what I mostly look at. When it comes to rating the story it can change depending on the work, for instance, a slice of life work won’t have much of a story, so I’d focus more on the characters and their relationships. This category usually accounts for 2-3 points in the total score for the ranking. If a story is really original and blows me away then I rate it higher. Third I judge by subjective means.

Ratings Defined:

10/10 – Masterpiece : The very first work to get this rating from me was No. 6 back in 2011. This was when I first started to get really into anime and become obsessed. No. 6 is probably my perfect anime, sci-fi theme with a dystopian setting, a beautifully executed homosexual relationship, and thought out characters who develop together. Works with this rating have hit all the objective things I rate and all the subjective things as well. They also have a dash of psychological stuff in there for me. (Other series who got this rating One Punch Man, Eden of the East, Neon Genesis Evangelion and Haikyuu!!)

9/10 – Near Perfection : Works here hit everything in the objective measure and certain things from the subjective measure. They may have just missed a couple things from me, like the story may not have been as exciting as could be, or the characters felt bland, or the story could drag in some parts. If it was a slice of life work that got this rating then it might be because the animation had some spotty parts, or the work could get dull at times These are all still works I adored though. (Some works with this rating from me Free!, Durarara!!, Madoka Magica, Wandering Son, Bakemonogatari, and quite a few more!)

8/10 – Excellent : If I rate a work with this it means that this series had good animation and a decent story with a likable casts. This series may also have been rated this due to subjective measures helping it out, such as if the work has BL undertones or something. These works are great, but not anywhere near perfect. These are mostly just fun series. (Some works with this rating are Ookiku Furikabutte, Kuroko no Basuke, Death Note, Chu-2, and quite a few more!)

7/10 – Good : These are works with decent animation and with decent story telling mixed with some enjoyment factor. These are works that may have dragged in quite a few places, these are also works that may have had pretty spotty animation in a number of places. These works were also rated a bit higher due to my subjective preferences, like BL/GL hints, or it appealed to my psychology student side, or hit my heartstrings. (Some works with this rating are Mirage of the Blaze, Nisemonogatari, UtaPri, and a lot more.)

If it got a rating under that I probably did not enjoy it that much.


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