Favorite Anime

In recent years, constructing a list of favorite anime that are ranked on an ordinal scale has been rather difficult because certain series interest me at different places in my life and I enjoy things more on different days. Either way, for those of you who are curious, here is a page constructed that is dedicated to some of my favorite anime of all time. If you are curious about the full list then please look at myanimelist.

6Hourou Musuko (Wandering Son)

As someone who has lived with gender dysphoria, this anime hit rather close to home. Wandering Son captures what it’s like to live as a transgender person in one of the most respectful manner of story telling. It demonstrates how transgender people can be treated different depending on whether they were assigned male or female at birth and it respectfully addresses the differences in the challenges they can face. On top of this it was beautifully animated. Wandering Son is a one of a kind anime and it has remained in my top favorites because of how I can always relate to this story and also because everything about it is handled with such respect for the subject matter.


THERE'S NO FUCKIN SJojo’s Bizarre Adventure

I feel like why Jojo is one of my favorite series of all times really does not need any type of explanation. Jojo is always a joy to watch. With the over the top characters, the ridiculous superpowers, whatever Dio is, and the art. Jojo always keeps it interesting and funny. You can never be bored when you’re watching the series. Plus every single opening for this show is a solid 10/10. The endings are always something amazing and groovy as well. Honestly, Jojo shouldn’t be explained to someone. Jojo should be experienced so just go check it out!


The only reason Free! is still one of my favorite anime is because I have remember when I was still in highschool and getting all crazy excited when an episode would be airing. I remember the day tumblr broke not only when the thirty second ad  came out, but also when the first episode came out. I would eagerly await every episode just so I could see twenty seconds of my husbando Makoto Tachibana. Free! may have been dumb, but it was fun and it was lovingly animated. Plus it gave birth to one of my favorite ships: MakoHaru. It came at the right time so now I always think fondly of it.

10No. 6

No. 6 has been in my top anime since it aired which was somewhere in 2011. At the time this show was airing, I was hardly watching anime. I had been pretty burned after the Togainu no Chi anime adaption, so I didn’t feel like watching much. No. 6 got me back into watching anime kind of regularly so due to that it has a special place in my heart. No. 6 also is special due to the respect it shows towards the relationship of the main characters and because the plot was interesting. While the anime may have butchered the story for the light novels, it still managed to capture some of the charm from that world and it handled the characters well. Nezumi and Shion are still one of my all time favorite couples and characters. No. 6 was well worth the watch and the read.

this thingYuuri on Ice!!!

To say that YOI took the anime world by storm would be underselling its success. This series was everywhere when it aired last fall and its popularity is well deserved. It featured some breathtaking animation, a respectful and endearing portrayal of two men who love eachother, and the characters were all unique in their own way. Every episode of YOI was a treat to watch. It was fun to see what the characters could get up to! That and Viktor and Yuuri’s bond was especially well done and nice to see played out throughout the series.




3 responses to “Favorite Anime

  1. I didn’t realize you liked No.6 so much — That’s something we share in common. It was one of my first anime, and as such holds a very special place in my heart. Nezumi and Shion’s relationship is the best part of it all. I have the series on Blu-ray and the first volume of the manga. I want to get the rest, but I’m waiting for a sale. Should one of us (or someone else) bring up No.6 in the future, we should totally talk about it more~!

    • Awwhh yeeaahh, another No. 6 lover. I really do love it! No. 6 was actually the anime that got me back into seriously watching anime. Before it I would just bump around to whatever one or two shows a year lol. I can always discuss No. 6, especially the relationship between Nezumi and Shion! (I’m tempted to write up a post about them) But yeah, feel free to talk to me about the show whenever!

      • Good to know in case I’m feeling the urge! During my period of not really knowing quite what anime was, No.6 was a steer in the right direction — You could say it solidified me on the path. If you ever write about Nezumi and Shion or No.6 in general, you’ll be sure to find me in the comments XD I look forward to a post, in fact, so now you kinda have to write it 😛

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