Just who exactly are you?


I’m the blogger makotachi. You may also call me Mark! I’m a university student who is currently pursuing a degree in counseling so my updates are rather sporadic! I enjoy a number of hobbies outside of blogging such as working out, writing fiction, AMV editing, and horse back riding. I also really like watching anime (duh!) I mostly watch sci-fi, BL/GL series, or something with a psychological twist to it. You can expect to see a lot of coverage on BL/GL shows and shows with BL/GL fanservice. If I’m not updating here then probably I’m working on some posts over at the Yurination.

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6 responses to “About

  1. Not to sound pushy or ruse but let me know if it is too difficult to contribute to my blog because of your hard work in college and using some of your free time in your own blog. It’s no problem.

    • No, no you don’t sound pushy! I’m terribly sorry for not contributing as much as I should. School has kept me really busy, but I’m officially on break, so I can participate more on writing stuff up!

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