A Taste of Citrus.

The hit yuri series just showed us its first episode. Let’s dissect.

For all the flack that Citrus is getting, you would think that this first episode was an episode of NTR! There are a few things that could be said to be skeevy about Citrus. The pseudo-incest vibes and the rather unpleasant non-con elements, but the entire time while I was watching this first episode I was just finding myself thinking, “that’s it?”

Has anime jaded me? Honestly, this anime was not as bad nor as “problematic” as people were trying to make it sound. There were some changes that the director seemed to make towards certain scenes that made the anime adaption seem more skeevy, but they were easily ignored. Were these changes made a bad thing though? Is the question of this article.


The first major difference we run into is the scene where Mei confiscates the phone from Yuzu’s pocket. In the anime, the scene is crafted around the idea of being titillated. In that particular scene, it was obvious that the scene wanted to show how attractive one of the character’s were. That is why we’re shown her backside and how round her butt is. It wasn’t a matter of displaying Mei searching for something directly, but rather as if it was some excuse for Mei to feel up Yuzu.


So we end up with this versus how the manga portrayed the scene.


I don’t normally see an issue with sexualization, but when it comes to portraying lgbt characters as predatory and looking for an excuse to feel someone up then I have an issue regarding the scene. That’s what this scene in particular felt like. The choices made to it had me feeling as if this was something to get hot and bothered over someone intruding on the personal space of someone.

I believe it could have been handled better.

The second scene that has seem to drawn ire is the kiss scene at the end of this episode. However, in this case, I feel as if the changes made were more effective than what was portrayed in the manga. During the first episode, Yuzu catches Mei kissing one of the teachers. Obviously, this is non-consensual, as if later revealed. Later in the episode, Yuzu confronts Mei about it and to demonstrate how she obviously has issues with non-con situations, Mei forces a kiss on her new step sister.


When analyzing the manga scene, it would seem a bit softer. Mei doesn’t come across as forceful. While it is still meant to rustle up Yuzu, it isn’t portrayed as too demented of a scene, but then you compare it to the anime.


Mei is portrayed as more forceful. She’s holding Yuzu down and fighting her despite her writhing to get away. This is done in a way for her to recognize what it felt like being forced to kiss that man. A messed up way to do it, but this gets the point across of how Mei has been forced into bad situations and how she has issues concerning these areas of her life. In this case, I think the anime did a good job solidifying that.

Citrus is a drama, so stuff like this is going to happen. How else would there be drama? In terms of crazy problematic anime content, I wouldn’t rate Citrus that high. I think it has its issues with problematic material, but there is so so much worse out there. Let’s just see where this soap opera takes us!



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