Fall 2017 Anime Preview

It’s time to trash the new shows I started watching this past week. This season has a lot of heavy hitters returning and already looks 500x better than summer. Let’s dissect!

The Good:

Recovery of an MMO Junkie


This was a lot of fun! I have a hard time getting into stories that are centered around NEETs, but I feel like this one takes a more interesting approach by giving us a main character that actively chose the lifestyle despite being educated and having a previous job. The gender bending element with the main characters game avatars is probably just meant for funny reversal hijinks, but I would enjoy it if the series would try to take a jab at certain societal expectations for gender. If not, that’s okay. The first episode gave us some bright and pleasant animation. Plus the the humor presented was tasteful and caused a couple chuckles from me. I’ll gladly watch more!

The Idolm@ster SideM


I didn’t enjoy the original IdolM@ster and that is purely because I’m shallow and find cute boys more appealing than cute girls for the most part. (I like both, just boys hit my moe points for so!) This opening episode followed boys who are not going to be the main focus, but I still enjoyed it. It had a nice comedic touch to it, the animation was beautiful (those dance scenes!), and I enjoyed the music presented in the episode immensely. It was a good opener for me, so I’ll be checking it out some more.

Black Clover

dmc art.png

Since BNHA has ended, I need another battle shounen to take it’s place. Black Clover isn’t anything special, but it still offers an interested enough premise plus the direction of this opening episode was well done. Sure, we’re looking at basically every other shounen out there just with magic, but I kind of like generic every now and then. It’s no BNHA, but it’s still fun. I like battles and I like boys that battle. I’ll be watching more.

The Bad:

King’s Game


Heya kids, you wanna watch highschoolers be brutally murdered? Yeah, no. Pass. Thanks tho.

The Ugly:

Juni Taisen – Zodiac War

new husvand

What do I even say about this premiere? It was wild and blood and crazy and honestly? Just like somehow good. The characters are over the top, but that makes this fun? I love the bunny stripper! Like he’s crazy, but so cool! I know this is gunna be gorey nonsense, but it will be well directed and fun gorey nonsense.

Out of new premieres all that’s really left is The Magus Bride (which will be wonderful), other than that we’re just expecting the return of amazing series such as Kekkai Sensen season two. Other than those two, there’s nothing really else I’m watching. I’m hoping to have a review up of two games this weekend and maybe even a review for Blade Runner 2049.


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