Renovation Time.


We’re gunna be stepping up the shit on this terrible blog. It’s time to stop being such a basic blogger and only write about the bad anime I start and rarely, if ever, finish. Let’s be real here. I do my impression post, I’m always like ‘THIS SHIT GREAT’ it falls apart in three episodes and I never watch the show again. Let’s change this up cause we’re following one stupid pattern. Boring, right?

lol okay

pls end me

So what are we gunna do to fix this crap pile? We stop only talking about anime. Anime is shit. Let’s be real here. You watch one and you watched every one already. (JK…. Butsrsly. Cliches are rampant.) How we’re fixing this problem is simple…….

We introduce other mediums to dissect.

You know what I mean. We’re not just gunna be talking shitty anime and whatever the fuck psychological bullshit I pull out my ass from them. We’re gunna talk about horrible movies, terrible books, bad video games, and even worse comic books.  Now this blog isn’t a stranger to having stuff other than anime on it. I’ve done it before, but we’d all be lying if I said this wasn’t basically an anime blog.


Does this mean you don’t like anime anymore?!

Lads, it’s okay. The anime is still here. It’s all I really watch, but I am an OLD MAN. I can’t only write about my cartoons. Lemme write about the trashy game I paid like ten dollars for and was somehow still disappointed.

Anyway, stuff is planned. Stuff is coming. So is my Fall preview when the season premieres!



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