Summer Anime 2017 Impressions: Vol. 1


Just kidding, but in all honesty, due to Amazon nabbing a lot of shows I wanted to watch I’m down to… Maybe… One…. I’m not gunna watch much. I have My Hero Academia to hold me up. I’ve watched a few things. Didn’t really like a few things, but we’ll take what we get?

The Biggest What:

NTR Yuri Show (Netzou Trap? That it?)


They’re making out on a toilet, MISTAKE NUMBER ONE. Anyway, I’m not into cheating stories unless the dudes cheat on the girls with each other as well though that seems unlikely. Anyway, this serves a certain crowd. I am not in that crowd, but I give stuff a fair chance. Look, if you’re into this it’ll meet your needs. The animation is pretty okay, boobs are little weird and wonky (they change sizes a lot and are emphasized in weird scenes), but the voice acting is pretty good. Not my cup of tea so moving along.

It Was Okay May Stick With It:

Clean Freak! Aoyama-kun

good stuff

Well, it has the cute boys? It had a bit of humor and there was the sports element mixed in there that made this premiere fairly enjoyable for me. This wasn’t anything special animation wise, but the style is pleasing to look at and the characters have a bit of charm. It really depends on how this show is going to handle Aoyama’s germ issue. It may get tiresome if it’s the same joke over and over again. I’m also hoping that he’ll come to at least kind of get over being a germaphobe. Unlikely though. Either way, I’ll keep up with it for now.

Good So I’m Watching:

Restaurant to Another World


This was a pleasant surprise! This show wasn’t on my radar until I saw some discussion about its pleasant atmosphere, so I gave it a look-see. Rather enjoyable first episode! The characters introduced are charming, the atmosphere is extremely welcoming, and the feel of this show simply draws you into this magical restaurant. This was a good first episode and I am eager to watch more of it. Aletta was cute, the chef is sweet, and the dragon lady was pretty neat as well. It just looks like a fun, comfy show.

Touken Ranbu Katsugeki


No surprise here. I like the Touken Ranbu game and I enjoyed the other anime. Ufotable put together a polished first episode and I enjoy the more action packed take on Touken Ranbu. Anyway, dudes are cute and there is enough fodder for my fujo tastes.

I dunno what else to watch! I’m looking at Fastest Finger First, but we’ll see. I’ll be keeping up with Boruto and My Hero Academia S2, but what else are people watching?



4 responses to “Summer Anime 2017 Impressions: Vol. 1

  1. Have courage lad. Join me down the rabbit hole. If not, well enjoy the other shows you’re watching or will pick up.

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