Let’s Discuss: Breath of the Wild

200+ hours, all the memories gathered, four divine beasts, 150 koroks, 84 shrines, and all of the armor. All in seven days. God help me.

You may find yourself asking, where has Mark been all this time? And the answer is simple: Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Or you may not have even noticed my absence cause you follow me on twitter and have seen my ramblings. Either way, who cares. I’m here to talk about Breath of the Wild and all the time I wasted playing it!

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I have two play throughs of this game now. My original run was on the Wii U my friend allowed me to borrow and I quickly accumulated 100+ hours in the month that I had the game. Now, on my second play through, I have it for the Switch. Got it rather recently, but I already have about 100 hours in the game (I have no life outside of school. Someone help me…)

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What can I say about this game that hasn’t already been said? I’m sure many of you have heard the reviews. BOTW is the highest rated game in recent history and is currently the highest rated LOZ game since OOT. Praise that is rightfully deserved. I am not the biggest Zelda fan, but I have played all the major games (from the GBA LOZ games to Skyward Sword). BOTW takes what was excellent in certain previous games: open world, fun puzzles, charming designs, and it vastly expands on that. BOTW is huge, there is so much for you to explore in the game. I’ve played so much, but still I find new areas to check out and I find new treasure to dig out.

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The map feels endless with its impressive size and variety of terrain. There is so much for one to explore and see in this game. It is all visually stunning as well! The sunsets are beautiful, the character models are all pleasant to look at, the colors are vibrant and draw you into this gorgeous version of Hyrule. Not only is the land gorgeous, but the cast we are treated to are all interesting and pleasant to look at. Prince Sidon charmed the fandom and the Rito have one of the best designs in the entire game. The Gorons are fun to hang around and the Gerudo offer you beautiful clothes so you can disguise yourself. The random villagers are almost all unique and offer their own advice (or quests!) for you. There is so much to see and so much to do in this game. The number of ways you can defeat enemies is amazing! -and you can even get creative with it like this one person did:

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What makes BOTW so addictive and just…well…fun? The amount of freedom to do what you want. You wanna climb a mountain and see what’s up it? Go ahead. You wanna go under Hyrule castle and loot for some good treasure? You can. Wanna set fire to large plains of grass and slaughter enemies to collect monster parts? You can do that! There are 120 shrines for you to do filled with puzzles and there are over 70 side quests for you to do. What you want your adventure to be is up to you. That’s the biggest reason why this installment in the LOZ series has climbed so high on my favorites list. Not only is this game one of my favorite LOZ games, but it also one of my favorite games of all time. BOTW draws from its predecessors, but it is a vastly different LOZ game. It has the puzzles, but the dungeons are limited to 4 big ones. It has the races you are familiar with and you’ll even see some familiar faces or names, but for the most part it is you and Link exploring Hyrule for yourself.

And so, that is what I have been doing through my second run of BOTW. I’ve just been exploring and doing the main quests at my own pace. Currently, I only have the final boss to do, but until them I’m gunna be hunting for koroks and some more shrines. Do I need a new hobby? Probably. Either way, I’m having fun. I’m honestly glad that I spent all that money on a Switch and BOTW.
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Mark’s official top (shit) LOZ games ranking:

4.) Wind Waker

3.) Ocarina of Time

2.) Breath of the Wild

1.) Twilight Princess

(fite me.)


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