AniPsych: What do you enjoy?

Is this a legit post? After weeks of silence?

NOPE! mako-tachi is dead. I’m kidding, but! – I am creating this post because I am honestly curious as to what people would like to see from this blog. While I do reviews from time to time, I think it is rather apparent that I enjoy writing more analytic type posts. However, I am mostly interested as to what topics the followers of this blog would like to see for my future AniPsych posts because I want them to become the focus of this blog. (Because let’s face it, everyone does reviews….) Before there comes any suggestions, let us just quickly go over what I am qualified to write about.


Currently I possess an undergraduate degree in psychology, particularly counseling. I am studying for graduate school and am looking to be accepted in the next coming months. (Praying!) While I may know more than the general population, I am not qualified to be making huge psychoanalytical posts about what mental illness someone may possess, but I can speculate based on some of the knowledge I do possess concerning these disorders. What can I really write about in depth though? Processing of certain imagery and emotions, some of the psychological reasoning behind scene selection or color selection, certain trends within human behavior. Of course, I can also research basic psychological studies and recent research!

So with that in mind, what would people like to read about? Is there more of a desire for analytic posts about scene selection or how human emotions can be portrayed within anime? Maybe people are curious about the color selection and the psychology behind color schemes? Or are character analysis more what the people want? Please tell me! I want to become more active and since I graduated I will have more time to curse this world with bad anime and psychology posts.



4 responses to “AniPsych: What do you enjoy?

  1. I think you should write whatever you are interested in writing. I tend to like reading more or less anything anime related as long as it is interesting.

    • What I’m interested in writing?! You’d be inundated with shit posts if that were the case! lol jk, but I have some things I’m working on!

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