First Impressions: eromanga-sensei

Do you ever watch something weird and enjoy it and wonder why you’re a weirdo who likes weird things? Let’s talk about that then!

eromanga-sensei is a weird, little show for me. Oreimo was a weird, little show for me as well. What I enjoyed about the series was how likable the characters could be, the comedy that the shows possessed, and the fairly nice animation these series produced. What I enjoyed in Oreimo has essentially been transported into eromanga-sensei just with some new polish.


To say we’re “treated” to the same exact story and characters though would be an exaggeration. Sagiri and Masamune are pretty different from how Kirino and Kyousuke. Masamune is more kind than Kyousuke and Sagiri is nowhere near as upfront and abrasive as Kirino. While the characters feel similar and look similar, at least they are somewhat different from one another. Also another thing about this series is (thankfully) the two main love interests are not actually related to one another. They’re related by a remarriage and the parents died shortly after, so these two have lived together for a year, but really not as “siblings.” It feels less weird than its predecessor.

Anyway, the basic premise of this show is these two “siblings” live together. Masamune is a light novel author and his sister is an artist. Somehow he finds out his little sister is the eromanga-sensei who draws for his light novel. Hi-jinks will ensue.


It was not the best opening episode, but it was an enjoyable one. The show has comedic timing down fairly well, its jokes are well placed, and the animation is very fluid in most cases. Sometimes it was even rather innovative with blurs and loose lines for some movements. This adds to why the first episode was just nice to watch. You had something pretty to look at and some of the jokes were kind of funny. Also, Sagiri got the moves.


I was just pleasantly surprised by the first two episodes. Oreimo was far from one of my favorite anime, but I enjoyed S1 for whatever reason. eromanga-sensei seems to have some of that same charm. Typically I steer clear from these shows, but every now and then I just enjoy something weird like this. As for a recommendation, I’m gunna have to say that only watch it if you like Oreimo. If not, it’s best to just skip this and find something else.


3 responses to “First Impressions: eromanga-sensei

  1. To answer your question in the first sentence I embraced my weirdness when I was 15 and realized I didn’t enjoy shounen action shows as much as I used to.

    As far as this show goes hopefully for the masses it won’t cause people to riot online like the 2nd season of Oreimo did.

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