What to Watch: Spring 2017

Hello! It most certainly has been a few months….. I apologize for lack of updates, but senior semester! Let’s just discuss the cartoons though.

Must Watch


Boruto: Next Generations Naruto

If you had told me like five years ago I’d be starting another Naruto series, I’d probably laugh at you. Yet here I am…. Desperately wanting to watch this show. I loved the Boruto movies and the manga has been cute for the most part too, so I have positive feelings towards this anime adaption that’s coming out. Bring out that good ol’ Naruto feeling Boruto!

3 Episode Test


Fukumenkei Noise

A shoujo work, but hey, it can be something good. I like the unique-ness of the designs and while I may not be into the whole one-sided love drama that will probably go down in this series I m hoping for a large focus on the band and music aspects. However, I do not have too high of hopes. Shoujo works tend to be very hit or mes, but we’ll see!



This caught my eye because it’s a work that seems to focusing on another part of Japanese theater. It gave me similar vibes to Showa and the designs were pleasing to look at. Seeing the trailers have caused me to inhibit some of my excitement though. The boys seems cute (thanks CLAMP!) and there seems to be potential for some BL hints. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like a work that will have the same atmosphere as Showa and it seems more relaxed. Not bad, but we’ll see!

Why, mako-tachi, this is nothing at all!, you say.¬†Well I may add in a couple shorts, but this is about all that I wanna check out next season. Let’s see what will stick though! Thanks for reading as always.


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