Anime 2016 Superlatives.

Let’s do something a little different. Instead of listing a top ten, let’s just categorize it! (Besides if it was a top ten all ten slots would go to Yuri!!! on Ice… And maybe Flip Flappers.)

2016 has been an interesting year for anime. It’s another year where I watched more than 2 shows a season, but it’s also a year where I dropped so much trash my god. It’s also a year I pulled through a lot of trash and finished them up. (God help me.) BUT! Fall saved the entire year for us. Whatever though, let’s nominate!

Best in Romance


I am so, so tempted to put Yuuri!!! on Ice in this category. I wanna put it in every category, but let’s give it to something that actually HAD romance as a tag. Which is like two shows for me, but the clear winner is obviously Space Patrol Luluco. This wacky, little project brought a lot of things to the table. It was fun, it was weird, and it tied in with some of Trigger’s past works. It was a cute short about falling in love for the first time. Thanks Luluco!

Runner up: This Boy Is A Magician

It’s JoJo

Part 4 has been the best.

Best in Comedy


Megumin seal of approval

KonoSuba takes this award and run with it. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve busted a gut before while watching a comedy show. Osomatsu made me laugh, Mob Psycho 100 could get me to giggle,  New Game had me deadpan for most of it, but KonoSuba my god. Aqua is a straight dumb ass, but she’s so stuck up about herself you gatta laugh a little. Darkness and her masochism just gets me every time cause it’s my inner monologue whenever I watch like Captain America and want Bucky to pummel me with his metal arm. Megumin is also an an endearing character. They’re just a bunch of dumbasses who can’t do anything right at first and for whatever reason that had me dying every time I watched an episode.

Runner up: New Game (Even though it sucked in the comedy department.)

Best in Drama


You want this to be Erased don’t you? WELL AHAH, it’s Re:Zero. This show was a curious thing with me. I originally started it with friends, they made fun of me for watching it so we discontinued watching it BUT THEN my friends started it up again without me and started gushing about how great it was. I was bitter after being teased, so it took me a while before picked it up again. God, Subaru is a bitch who needs to be slapped, but other than that what a compelling story! Seeing Subaru shift through his motives and figure stuff out while he was being murdered every week really had one of the edge of their seats. The girls were interesting, complex, and had motivations outside of the MC. It’s something that should be in more LN works. But still, fuck Emilia. Rem best girl.

Runner up: 91 Days.

Best in LGBT Themes:

This is the first year I can include this! Because in 2016, the gays saved anime! (Well, they saved it in Fall, but still!) I am super excited to be able to actually give this to a work and I wanna give this to Flip Flappers! We all know about how amazing Yuuri!!! on Ice was with presenting a gay couple as just any other couple, but Flip Flappers set out to create an allegorical work about a girl coming to terms with her sexuality. Cocona’s and Papika’s adventures were endearing, cute, and filled to the brim of one coming to accept their sexuality. Flip Flappers even brought out the darker side to someone coming to terms with this. It showcased the self-doubt many of us in the LGBTA community can have and it showed how sometimes we may lash out to those we love because we’re confused, or scared, of what we’re experiencing. On top of all this, it ‘s a beautifully animated show. I highly recommend giving it a try.

Runner up: Yuuri!!! on Ice 

Best in Sports


It’s gunna be Haikyuu!!. You all know it’s going to be Haikyuu!!, and it is. So the Best in Sports award is hereby awarded to Haikyuu!! S3. Keep it real, Haikyuu!!

Runner up: Yuuri!!! on Ice

Best in Animation


It is rather apparent what work deserves this and that is Mob Psycho 100. The team that was brought on crafted honestly one of the most well animated work to possibly ever be created. Mob Psycho 100 wasn’t afraid to get cartoonish, but it also set out to be realistic in its portrayal of how characters could walk or talk. The action scenes were something out of this world, but the down-time scenes were incredibly fluid. The attention to detail in this show was phenomenal. The team really pulled through.

Runner up: Flip Flappers

Most Likely To Make Me Cry From How Shitty It Was

I was thinking of giving this award to either Super Lovers or Kiznaiver, but you know what really deserves this? Myriad Colors, Phantom World. KyoAni wasted their talent on this schlock. Yes, it deserves to be called that. Trashy light novel adaptions are a dime a dozen and typically I ignore them. They’re filled to the brim with bad animation (usually) and they’re so bland, but I stuck out with this one because KyoAni was behind it and honestly? What a damn waste. Good animation wasted on shitty characters, a plot that went nowhere, and just THERE WAS NOTHING SPECIAL HERE. KyoAni, please, spare us trash like this ever again. I think the reason I’m so offended is because one of my favorite studios produced this absolute trash. Stick to the moe, KyoAni, please. I’ll buy 2000 discs of K-On!

Runner Up: Supers Lovers (FUCK YOU.)

Best in Show


The best title of 2016 is an easy one. Yuuri!!! on Ice took the world by storm this past season with its ambitious ice skating routines and it’s daring to portray a romantic relationship between two men. Viktor and Yuuri enamored us with their tale, and Yuuri’s character development resonated among many people who know what it’s like to live with anxiety and crippling self doubt. Yuuri!!! on Ice tried to be different and it did honestly set itself apart. I wanna gush about the pair skating, the beautiful soundtrack, the complexity of some of the characters, but I really don’t wanna go on and on about this show. (I feel like I’ve done it too much!) With its diverse cast, discrimination free world, and (sometimes) breathtaking ice skating scenes. I have never given my top spot away easier. Thanks for everything Yuuri!

Runner up: Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu

Wow, I’m surprised I got this out before 2016 was over, but that’s all, my friends! Thanks for reading!


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