Fall 2016 Anime First Impressions (Vol. 1)

Time to dissect these Japanese cartoons.

Hello and welcome to the first volume of my blog’s Fall 2016 anime preview. This is probably going to be the first and the only due to time and also due to me not watching much from this season. So far it’s a good season, but that may be because I am being very selective with what I’ve watched and am refusing to waste my time. (That’s kind of a lie. I watched extra anime this week cause Fall break, but they kind of sucked so… Yah.) Let’s dive into them!

Good For A Fap:



I don’t think I’ve laughed this hard at an anime in possibly forever. I started legit crying when this girl called out ‘BUTT GUILLOTINE.’ Like what do you even say about that? God, it was freaking hilarious. I’m fairly impressed at the creator of this show for constructing a whole sport around women using their asses and I give them props for making up all these rules too. Man, it was just dumb fun. Usually I pan fanservicey shows for being trash, but this one was kind of legit. It felt like a good, fun sports anime and I dig it for that. It may get boring and repetitive if they keep using the same joke, but if there’s more of that Kawai girl I may stick around. I had fun.


Kiss Him, Not Me


Not a bad production, but I already read the manga and feel I like it a bit more. That may seem odd, but I dunno. The animation in this episode was just nothing notable and the humor was kind of slow, I guess? It wasn’t bad, but I’ll just stick to reading. I know what’s going to happen anyway.

Flip Flappers


Yes, it was beautiful. Sure, the girls were cute together, but it’s one of those show not tell kind of shows and the opening episode did not show much for the plot. Very artsy and it had some fun moments mostly attributed to the animation because of just how well done it was. Flip Flappers boast a unique artistic style and offers a visual treat to its viewers, but outside of it looking nice I can’t say much about it. It had some nice moments, but it didn’t have anything that intrigued me about it to make me wanna go even deeper.

Three Episode Test:

Scorching Ping Pong Girls


This title looked like the one that would be most serious about the girls and their sport than the other titles available this season and it sort of was. The girls really like to play ping pong and their matches are kind of intense and exciting! I hate the designs for this show because who the fuck wears an arrow hair clip and how are those pigtails in the red haired girl’s hair tied?! But I can easily look past those for the sport element. My one complaint about the series is that there was a bit of focus on fanservice and making boob jokes. Not a bad thing, but I get tired of that when I’m mainly watching for the matches. If Scorching Ping Pong Girls focuses on the sport and the budding rivalry between the two mains then I’ll continue it, but if it focuses more on cute girls and boobs then I’m peacing out.

Magic-Kyun! Renaissance


Beautiful setting, beautiful animation, and a very likable leading lady. That is what Magic-Kyun! has offered up to us so far. There seems to be a bit more of a story pertaining to cultivating the student’s magic and our main heroine, Kohana, working towards living up to the expectation of her mother. There also seems to be something about a competition to be the King and Queen of the school. It has a bit of promise. The boys are kind of generic, but does that really matter when they’re cute? Of course not. Other than it looking really pretty there wasn’t that much to this opening episode. King best boy! We’ll see where it goes!

All Out!!


The day has come, a sports show with all boys not being a must watch for me. It was only a matter of time I would get tired of the standard formula for male centered sport shows. All Out!! did not start out bad, but it just started out as typically as any other sports show. The boys are cute, but there isn’t much to them yet. There will probably be more drama surrounding Gion’s height and there will likely be a lot more flashback to the giant, blond’s ones trauma pertaining to his old rugby captain. The art is cleaner than the manga and the boys are all really big and muscular. It’s nice to look out. (Though I wanted more ass!) Nothing really differentiates All Out!! from other sports shows other than the sports they play, so I’ll have to wait and see if anything will make it stand out.


Haikyuu!! S3


It’s Haikyuu!! There is nothing else to say. You know why this is here.

Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru


I’m a sucker for these cute boys doing cute things shows. I also used to play Touken Ranbu and just want to see my cutesy sword boys. While this first episode wasn’t really anything note worthy other than some cute snow fights and a nicely animated sword fight scene, I still found myself with a smile on my face and a sense of enjoyment. I will gladly be watching more and I’m holding out for my favorite swords!

Yuri!!! on Ice


Yuri on Ice has easily captivated my heart. Watching this episode did not feel as if I was watching a cartoon, it honestly was this oddly sensual performance as I witnessed the beautifully crafted scenes between Viktor and Yuri ice skating. The intimate animated scenes such as Yuri’s hold slipping on his phone, his breathing and wide eyes, young Yuri slipping around a corner, Minako’s smiling face and her welcome home performance for Yuri, and so much more. All these scenes captured a surreal realness to the characters that I hardly see in anime. It was beautifully done and I don’t think I will ever witness something so oddly real in an anime before. Even though I knew I was watching an anime I still felt as if these characters were kind of real in some way. Honestly, everything about this episode amazed me. From the elegant skating scenes to the wondrous fanservice scenes. From the opening to the ending I was enraptured. This will more than likely be my favorite title.

I enjoyed some other little things like Gakuen Handsome and To Be Hero. They’re shorts, so may binge when they’re done. That’s about it though! I will be watching March comes in like a lion later probably, but I probably won’t write on it. Thanks for reading and feel free to share what you’ve been watching!



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