mako-tachi’s plan to watch fall 2016

It’s time.

I apologize for the delay in this update and I apologize that there are still no summer 2016 reviews up! School… It’s killing me. Fall break is rapidly approaching though and I hope to get some content up around then! Due to school though I will be cutting back on the amount of shows I’m watching. (As I usually do.) Let’s discuss though!

3 Episode Rule

March comes in like a lion


This one caught my attention due to its different art style. It’s pretty neat looking! I’m also rather interested in seeing the dynamics between the characters and watching as the main character, Rei, begins to work out with his independence and emotional stability as he lives alone. The fact that the character is older than most (being 17 rather than 15) also has me curious. I have not read the manga! -So I am going in VERY blind and I want to keep it that way.

Magic-kyun! Renaissance


It’s UtaPri, but without the idols! I’m not watching the fourth season of UtaPri, I can’t take it anymore, so I’m replacing it with another idol-esque show! Originally this wasn’t on my radar, but then Sunrise released a gorgeous PV with some lovely animation and showcased the boys talents. (They do stuff other than sing!) I’m curious! What I’m looking for is just campy fun with some nice fanservice. It looks like it can deliver!

Will Watch



I’m a slut for sports anime and gay shit. ALL OUT!! is about rugby, so I’ll get to watch a ton of buff guys just grapple at each other and wrestle one another to the ground. That’s how ya’ll. The designs are kind of ugly, sure, but I can look past that for the two main guys. (Blondie is mad cute too!) We’ll see how it goes!

Haikyuu!! S3


Yes, we knew this would happen. No one is shocked about this.

Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru


Most of you readers are probably unaware of this, but I actually really do enjoy the game Touken Ranbu. I play it every now and then. My favorite sword is Kogitsunemaru! So when they announced a couple of anime coming out for Touken Ranbu I was a little excited! While I may be more excited for the ufotable adaption coming in Winter, I’ll take this one to tide to me over til then! The sword boys look cute and fluffy enough. My favorite swords may not be in this season, but it can still be good!

Yuri!! on Ice


And this is my most anticipated title coming out this fall. The PV was breathtaking, some of the gay subtext that has been revealed looks delicious, the characters are all designed well and just. Gah. I give the creators props for going with figure skating and I wish them all the best on the endeavors. I am hoping it pays off. Anyway, what I’m looking forward to in this is beautifully animated figure skating scenes and t watch the characters grow with one another. (Some fanservice would be nice too!) I am really excited for this though!

There are some other shows I’m curious about, such as Fune wo Amu, Kiss Him, Not Me and Long Riders!, but due to time constraints and college I just don’t believe I’ll have much time for them in the coming months. I’ll binge on winter break then!

As always, thanks for reading! What are some shows you are excited for?


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