What’s Been Hot Summer 2016.

Well guys, the summer anime season has been kind of good to us this season, but what has really been hitting it out of the park? Let’s discuss.

We’ve been kind of blessed guys, let’s be real here. After the snoozefest that was Winter 2016 and the not so much better Spring 2016 we’re finally getting into some of the good stuff with Summer 2016. Well, good enough to tide use over to the much more enticing looking Fall 2016. There is one good thing about all the seasons so far though…. They have been very kind to fujoshi/fudanshi. Enough of that you wanna know where my rankings stand so far, of course.

6.) Orange


Suwa deserves better

God, I tried to enjoy this show. It had a sci-fi element that spruced up its drama and slice of life tags, but it’s not like the show has done much to explain the element of time travel. The letters are just kind of accepted, ya’know? It’s an intriguing show that deals with the feelings of regret and the international feeling of wanting to go back and correct our mistakes,but it puts a spin on those feelings by actually allowing the main girl to fix her past to get a “better” future. It bothers me in some regards because the story is basically insinuating that a girlfriend could help keep you from suicide, but honestly, they should have taken the guy to get professional help. Also I hate that the tall dude gets shafted. Fuck shojo romance. This show is also slow as fuck. I’m on episode 9 and I feel like we’ve moved at a glacial pace. I’m gunna put this on hold til its done airing then binge one weekend. Probably won’t review. (Current ranking: 6/10)

5.) Battery


I am so far behind on Battery and it’s not because it’s bad, but it’s not exactly great either. The bonds and relationships in this show are interesting and sometimes charming to watch. The animation is soft and lovely, but the story is just about a brat who is into baseball too much. Takumi is a jerk and needs to learn to lighten up a bit, especially towards Gou who loves him too much. I believe I’m on episode 7. This is another show I’ll probably binge at a later date. A review? Ehhhhhhh. Dunno. (Current ranking: 6/10)

4.) B Project: Kaidou*Ambitious



This show is so god damn stupid, but I find myself watching it every week with a stupid giddy smile on my dumb face. These idol boys find a way to brighten my shitty weeks. God, I’m such a idol fan it’s sad. Anyway, not much happens in this show other than boys being cute and that is enough to keep my invested. As long as these dudes sing and dance for me every week I am happy. It could do with more of the girl. (A weird thing to hear from me!) The main girl gets kind of shafted even though she is a lot more capable than other reverse harem leads, so I would kind of like to see more of her. I do enjoy the occasional gay though. I wanna review it, but what is there to review? (Current ranking: 8/10)

3.) 91 Days


fuck Avilio

Oooooooohhhh, 91 Days. I should rank you lower, but you redeemed yourself with episode 9. My general impression of 91 Days is that it is quite literally a ride. It goes to crazy highs that leave you blown away after a episode then it sinks to an all new bottom and you wanna drop it cause the episode was so boring and pointless. I can’t drop it though. Something about this show drags you back into the twisted world of gangsters trying to ruin each other. Also what happened with Fango in the latest episode really struck out to me and now I really have to see where things go from here. A review is likely right now. (Current ranking: 7-8/10)

2.) Boueibu S2


This season has better jokes, better animation, the new villains are cute, and there is a ton of new gay. A whole episode was dedicated to Yumoto putting the other boys in compromising positions so they could cuddle! The villains are in love, quite literally, with Gora. It’s filled with stupid jokes and fun. What isn’t there to like?! Season 1 of this show was great and this season is just a step up from that. Review? Maybe. (Current ranking:  9/10)

1.) Mob Psycho 100


i want to protect him

ONE has done it again. BONES has created an absolute masterpiece. The anime has showcased so many new animators that just blew up their styles on screen and took this anime to a whole new level animation wise. On par, or probably even better, than the amazing animation we saw from One Punch Man. This show is damn gorgeous and deserves a watch just for the visuals, but the good thing is this show doesn’t just have good visuals. With more of a story than OPM, Mob Psycho 100 boasts an impressively moving story line filled with sibling rivalry, inferiority and superiority, and instances of ethical behavior. The latest episodes pertaining to the bond between Shigeo and Ritsu have been especially moving. This show is fantastic and I’ll sing it’s praises for years more than likely. Review? Yeah. (Current ranking: 10/10)

Well that’s about it for me. I’m still watching Jojo (which is always a 10/10) and the Fudanshi short which is cute, but nothing to write home about. School has been kicking my ass, so sorry for the sporadic postings, but hey. Gatta graduate.

Leave your favorite series in the comment section below!



3 responses to “What’s Been Hot Summer 2016.

  1. I agree with you on Orange. I liked the beginning (romance with low level sci-fi plot device seemed interesting enough) but since then all we’ve had is slow moving teen drama. Plus, they should have got Kakeru professional help.
    91 Days did get better this week but I’m still sitting on the fence about it.
    Those are the only two in your list that I’m watching. Thanks for sharing.

    • Yeah, Orange has been a serious let down and the animation started out so well too, but it’s bottoming out now.

      Really that’s all? You should give MP100 a try! It’s amazing.

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