spring 2016 anime power ranking


No need to bore you with the details of my life (that’s what tumblr is for!) let’s just get right into what my favorites so far from the spring 2016 season of anime!

okkk7. Uchuu Patrol Luluco

A silly, way over the top, almost kind of cute show. That’s about all I can say about Luluco. I’m enjoying it to some sort of degree, or I would have dropped it, but it’s not a love kind of show for me. The references to Trigger’s past works are kind of cool and the KLK planet was funny enough, but in the end? Meh.

16. Super Lovers

“MAKO I THOUGHT YOU WEREN’T GUNNA WATCH THIS?!?!?” Please get out of my life. Please. I do not know why I’m such a disgusting masochist, but still I watch trash. Super Lovers is pretty cliche in terms of development and events happening in the show. It also has the super creepy age gap between the two mains and there’s the whole adopted siblings business, but I digress. I like BL, so I’m watching this. That’s really it. Every episode I’m wishing Haru wasn’t wasted on a kid.

35. Flying Witch

Not something I thought I’d pick up, but there is quite a bit of positive comments about this show. It really is cute! The whole witch in training aspect is fun to see play out, the characters are all charming and mesh well with one another. Makoto is adorable and her tights give me feelings. It’s a slice of life, so nothing really exciting goes on, but it’s damn comfy. Plus the comedic timing in this show is flawless! The mandrake scene had me rolling, and the expressions in this show are just so funny.

okkkkkk4. Bungou Stray Dogs

This show has some weird whiplash going on. It will be super serious and focusing on all the crimes that the Port Mafia is up to, but then there will be suicide jokes and characters just acting stupid. Usually that aggravates me, but for some reason it’s tolerable in Bungou Stray Dogs. Maybe because I enjoy the character interactions? Ryuunosuke is also a plus! He’s a interesting character. I’m excited to see them introduce the other authors as well! So there’s that.

ok3. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable

It’s JoJo, do I need to say more? Animation style if fantastic, they’ve gone with really unconventional and creative shots, characters are charming, and the color scheme really makes the work stand out. Probably my favorite JoJo so far.

okkkkkkk2. Kiznaiver

This isn’t number one?! Surprising, I’m sure. Kiznaiver had an excellent opener that heavily focused on the psychological need to bond with others and while that still may be focused upon it’s not as heavily pushed as I would like. There is a lot of weird business going on inbetween the show and some of the deeper meaning behind it is lost on me. The episodes in this show have ranged from excellent to really meh. I’m still not sure where this is heading, but it’s picking up again with the last episode.

okk#1. Joker Game

Now this shocked me. At first I thought this would be incredibly nationalistic and apologetic to Japan and just gross, but oddly enough it’s not doing that. The spies featured so far seem to be rather against Japan siding with Germany and there is quite a bit of criticism on the nationalism typically featured in Japanese works regarding this time period. There’s some ridiculous stuff mixed in there, like the British spy dude with the alien head, the guy whistling for dolphins, and some dude pulling a pigeon out of his coat, but for the most part it’s a rather serious work about documenting the spies’ work. Personally, I have really enjoyed it so far. Surprisingly too! Joker Game has really well done animation, a nice soundtrack, intriguing characters, fascinating stories, and just a good atmosphere to it. I recommend it!

Anything worth reviewing? Probably Kiznaiver and Joker Game you can expect reviews for. Maybe even Bungou Stray Dogs and maybe even Super Lovers too!

That’s what I got for you all today. Sorry to have vanished!



8 responses to “spring 2016 anime power ranking

  1. Bungou Stray Dogs is okay for me so far. I don’t know why but I felt like I enjoyed the manga more? Though everything is the same except for the past two episodes? And omg, Akutagawa is awesome! But there’s one character I’m really excited for: Chuuya. I’m eager for the last episodes! (btw, you header rocks ;))
    I expected Kiznaiver to be serious but I was really surprised by how it turned out to be (not as surprised as Lost Village, that was so shocking I literally dropped the anime). But I’m waiting for answers. Like what is this Kizuna system? AND how are Katsuhira and Sonozaki even related? *screams in frustration*
    Joker Game is a really good show, but I’m waiting for the real story? If this is just twelve episodes of what the spies are doing, then I’m pretty disappointed. Also, I don’t know any of the spies’ names?
    It’s been a long while since I’ve read BL, omg. I’m content with shipping guys in other shows instead. 😛 I thought of watching Super Lovers buuut I can’t watch more than four shows per season.
    My favourite show for this season is Boku no Hero Academia! I wasn’t planning to watch the show but I kind of didn’t want to watch Sakamoto desu GA and I picked this one. I’m glad I did! (I was afraid this would turn out like One Punch Man. I know many people like this show but I couldn’t make it past the first episode)
    Yes, tumblr is awesome.
    I’m sorry for this super long comment! 😅

    • Sometimes the original form of media can just do something that the adaption can’t. I adore Harry Potter, like all of it, but the books are my favorite things about the series lol. (Gatta represent the bae! lol)

      Yeah, Kiznaiver is oddly lax and more comedic that expected? For something that tried to play off as this deep work focusing on human bonds it’s not very… Serious haha. Same! I’m holding on for the conclusion and I want to see human interaction explored a bit more deeply.

      I have a feeling that Joker Game won’t be getting much deeper than just briefly focusing on the spies individual missions. It’s rather odd set up, but I kind of enjoy it too? I dunno. It’s odd. I don’t think knowing their names matters too much because it’s probably not even their real names? So.

      You’re not missing out on much with Super Lovers!

      BNHA is a wonderful little series. I own the manga and currently read that rather than watch the anime and it’s really good! The characters are all cute and endearing. The only thing that it really has in common with OPM is the super hero theme, but OPM is more adult humor and is a bit more serious in tone while BNHA is cute fun. (For the most part! I would say I enjoyed OPM more though, because of Genos! ❤

      It seriously is. I waste too much time on it…

      I don't mind the length at all! Sorry for an equally long reply lol. Thanks for commenting!

      • After watching the anime, I couldn’t resist waiting so I ended up reading the manga (bnha I mean 😉) and omg Harry Potter (the books) are amazing! I have only watched both the parts of deathly hallows, tbh 😛

  2. Yesssss finally someone who knows Luluco!!
    I haven’t watched the latest episodes because of exams..

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