Overview of stuff I’ve watched so far this weekend.

I completed the entire series of Aohana. I will be writing a review on this later.

Watched the first two episodes of ‘The World is Still Beautiful.’ It’s rather.. Bad. I thought I’d try it out, but eh. Wasn’t worth it.

Mekaku City Actors, first episode. I was pretty impressed. I enjoy SHAFT’s style, but people I heard are mad about the adaption. People are saying it’s a faithful one, but people are burning books. I will continue watching anyway and will write a review on this episode later.

Nanana’s Buried Treasure. Bleh. Meh. Expect comments about this later.

First two episodes of Kids on the Slope. Love the style of this, but it seems to move a little slow for me. Either way, I will probably finish this series.

My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU. 3 episodes. Dropped. Nothing to say. Really.

Updating Watchlist now..


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