Aohana Review.

Aohana is something I suppose could be described as a slice of life/tragedy type of work. The premise is that a dead girl, who was friends with all the main characters, comes back as a ghost to the protagonist Jinta Yadomi with a request that he grant her wish with everyone. The series continues on with only Jinta seeing her and him trying to retie all of his past connections with his old group of friends who all departed the day after Menma passed away.

Basically. It’s an interesting enough premise.

Now, this series came out a while ago. I heard all the hype about how ‘sad’ and emotional it was. It was supposed to be really moving. I like that sort of thing and with this premise it seemed like something right up my alley.

Well, not entirely.

Aohana is not a bad show. Not by any mark. The animation was bright and beautifully done. I thought the character were fleshed out and interesting enough to watch unfold, but the problem was that it didn’t click with me. All the crying in almost every episode never got to me. These kids were all grown up now, but they were still all so obsessively attached to this kid. All because of some things they said to her and regretted? I found it too much and really forced at times. I didn’t feel any of it and that’s the flaw with this series. The only thing about this series that kind of got me was when we found out that Menma had come back to grant a wish from Jinta’s mother.

Other than that I didn’t feel for it. It was emotional as people had made it out to be.

At most, I felt this show was okay.


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