Wandering Son eps. 5-11(end)

Welp, that’s it. That’s all there is of that. I have reached the end of Wandering Son, and I can honestly say that was one of the greatest anime I have witnessed in my life. This may be due, though, to it actually  managing to make me relate which is basically impossible for me in anything. This series handled the struggles, the thoughts, and the differing opinions about trans sexuality wonderfully and respectfully.

Anyway, what occurred in these episodes were the “gender bender” play, Takatsuki revealing how he will now pass as a boy, Doi being introduced, Nitori going to class dressed as a woman, the talk with her father about accepting her, and Nitori’s time dating Anna.

My main focus on this anime was how long it took for the two to try and pass while they went to school. The two characters had dressed as the opposite sex outside of school, but it wasn’t until final episodes that they decided to actually go to it in class. In Takatsuki’s case, it was the girl Chiba that would sometimes come to school wearing a boy’s uniform that inspired her to go to school dressed as that. For Nitori, it was the introduction of Doi and after Doi’s meeting Yuki and finding out that she was a transvestite that he talked to Nitori about going to class dressed as a woman. The anime shows the clear difference between a ftm and mtf transgender in this part, Takatsuki faces no threats of violence/real contempt towards his dressing as a boy, but he faces not being recognized as a boy and having his identity invalidated despite. Nitori faces immediate bullying from his peers, and is removed to the nurse’s office to be sent home. This shows that possibly really only difference in transphobia directed at trans men and women. Trans men are invalidated (and are possibly referred to as lesbians) while trans women are berated and insulted more verbally, and face the more possibility of physical bullying. (Them being more likely to be attacked probably ties in to people seeing them as male and having no problem with beating up a male, unlike beating up a female which has a stigma around it.)

The series final episodes are of Nitori trying to deal with the pain of being insulted, but finally through the help of Doi (someone she came to hate for bullying her years before) who seems to tell off anyone who insults Nitori.

Doi was a confusing character. He started off as a bully, some of his actions even came off as a way to bully Nitori and when he saw Nitori sometime after her going to class dressed as a woman he muttered ‘moron’ when passing her. Doi later though seeks Nitori’s company and seems to try to make her feel welcomed in class by telling people off, and he even walks home with Nitori and encourages her to continue dressing as she would like to and even offers going out with her dressed as that. I feel he could have been expanded more on, and he still remains a little unsure on his character, but this is probably due to how short the series was.

The series ended with them performing another play, and once again everyone loving it.  The series ends on a nice note, and has a sort of happy ending. Both are sure on their not wanting to be their sex, they have friends and even some family members who accept them and so on. While you know that they’ll never be fully accepted, the characters realizing their identity and them having friends there for them is a nice thought.


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